Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Handy Interactive Chocolate Toxicity Tool For Dog Owners

Many of you may have heard about chocolate being toxic for dogs. Much advice has been written about how much chocolate can be safely given to our canine friends and the consensus appears to be that with chocolate (or more accurately the theobromine in chocolate) intake and toxicity has to take into consideration the following factors...
  • The amount of chocolate given.
  • The type of chocolate (some chocolate contains higher amounts of theobromine than others)
  • The size and weight of the dog
  • Potentially, the medical history of the dog.
I recently came across an interactive tool that I feel will be of interest to you in relation to the above information.

Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

It's very interesting, very informative and can be checked out here...Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

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