Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How Well Can A Dog Hear? 5 Amazing Facts

Ever sat at home and your dog's ears have sprung to attention?

Most dog owners know that our canine friends have a great sense of hearing but did you know the 5 pieces of dog hearing related trivia below?
  • A dog's ability to move their ears in different directions and independently of one another  means that they can very often locate the exact source of a sound.
  • Dogs are capable of locating the source of a sound in 1/600th of a second.
  • Dogs can hear sounds at around four times the distance that a human can.
  • Dogs cannot hear high-pitched sounds as well as cats can.
  • Dogs have the ability to filter out certain sounds. This may well explain why your dog can sleep whilst the TV or radio is on in the background but is on full alert when their food bowl is filled in another room or you've opened the cupboard to take out the lead for a walk!
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