Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pet Owners Are Becoming Increasingly Interested In This.....

Some time ago I was interested to read an article showing that natural pet product sales in the United States grew an amazing 15.2% between 2010 and 2014.

The report from Packaged Facts in October 2014 came to mind when I was asked to review a website in the UK, (I am UK based), that promotes natural pet products.

*I will at this point disclose that I get paid a small amount for my time to write a review as I don't review many products and I am not an affiliate of the following business or product*

The lady who runs the site, Jackie Plant, explained to me that she had become interested in natural pet products after seeking out more natural products for her own health related issues. The benefits of these natural products on Jackie's own health lead her to becoming increasingly interested in the toxicity of the products that many people use on their pets.

Jackie's website is currently aimed at pet owners and businesses that are looking for -
  • A natural chemical-free way to to keep their pets free of parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  • A natural calming solution for their pets.
  • An additional income opportunity promoting natural pet products.
I liked the website, operated by a woman who is evidently passionate about pet health. There is a lot of information about the core products that Jackie promotes.

Pet Protector
A natural alternative to chemical treatments, Pet Protector claims to keep pets parasite-free for 4 years and is backed up by some impressive studies such as this one here. More information about the product and how it can be purchased can be found on Jackie's website here

The Pet Protector Business Opportunity
I was impressed to find that this product has a business opportunity that can be operated worldwide and has a FREE trial. This could be an ideal add-on for pet businesses or for people that just wanting to make an extra income by starting their own natural pet product business. Take a look here

Pet Remedy
Pet Remedy is a calming aid that is now widely used by pet owners and professionals worldwide. Working alongside a pet's own calming pathways, Pet Remedy is a natural alternative option for owners of stressed or anxious pets.

I enjoyed reading the information on Jackie's site and I know that many pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of and interested in seeking out more natural ways of treating the issues of parasite prevention and stress/anxiety in their pets.

Add to this the potential of starting a worldwide chemical-free pet business and I think Jackie's site is well worth a visit -

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