Low Cost Advertising For Pet Businesses!

Looking for a very low-cost way to promote your dog or cat product or service? Read on....

Whether you are looking to increase website/blog traffic, sales or brand awareness, our network consists of over 100K pet owners over several large Twitter accounts and we can offer the following:-
  • Subject to your product/service being approved - we will write a review on our blog of your product/service and more importantly ensure that it is shared continuously for 12 MONTHS through our highly targeted pet social media partners to guarantee 1000's of dog/cat lovers (specific to your product/service) views on YOUR post AND your post remains on our increasingly high traffic blog FOREVER!
  •  The cost is low, we send a proof of the review for your complete approval, advise you EXACTLY which huge traffic sites your post will be shared in. All this for only £99.99 or around $125 at today's rate.
  • We can target specifically dog owners/businesses, cat owners/businesses or both in the country of your choice eg: UK/USA
  • Our system ensures that your blog-post/message is shared virally.
  • As it is in our interest to retain you as an ongoing client we work hard to ensure that your product goes out to the pet owners you are targeting at a time that they will be using social media.
  • We also offer blog post sponsorship, for a cost of only £15 (around $19 at today's rate) per post for a whole 12 months- this is where we offer the option of a brief summary of your product/service with a link to your website/blog underneath a blog post. This is an exceptional offer as we have a vested interest to share our posts and this will ensure thousands of views to your sponsored link. We offer a discount for multiple post sponsorships and work with you to ensure that you are only sponsoring posts that are aligned with your product or service.
  • TWEET packages - We offer scheduled tweet packages into highly viewed dog/cat accounts with tweets starting at around £3.50 per tweet.
  • Facebook shares - We offer a Facebook share option, this is extremely low-cost and we offer as with all of our advertising services, a bespoke package for this.
If you are interested in any of the above options or a low-cost bespoke solution to advertise your pet business, email us at catanddogtips@yahoo.co.uk with 'interested' in the header.

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